Monday, April 18, 2011

US Uncut flash mobs tax-dodging BofA


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  2. Buenos Dias! I was over at Beach Bum's blog and I have noticed your comment's and recall other sighting's of you, so just had to come by and check out what your blog is about, I only got to this blog being especially attracted by the title, but look's great I must admit! Later ....

  3. Can't believe you haven't posted on last weekend's BOA foreclosure in Florida...a Judge closed a BOA branch for not paying off a judgment against it.

    There was schadenfruede to be had, and you missed it.

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  5. Awesome, one hopes regulators break up the following big banks:

    Barclays (UK)
    RBS (UK)
    B of A (US)
    Citi (US)

    One or two big French banks could use a good cracking too!
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